5. feb, 2016

Torsdag. 04.Februar.

Quite some action in the village now. Nordic Rutile/Nordic Mining is performing some test drilling to take samples from the Engebømountain. Natur og Ungdom (Environmental youthgroup) is protesting the plans of dumping the miningwaste in to the Førdefjord by chainactions and protests.

On the farm the everyday winterlife goes as usual.

My back is acing from not having the posibility to have wwoofers this winter. But when we move in to our new house we finaly can have wwoofers again. But then also lambing and foaling season kicks in. :) Weird to think about how fast the time flies. Only eight weeks til foals and lambs.

For the moment we have lots of snow and ice. Making everything take twice as much time as normal.

I also have to sell at least three ponies within short time. Both for money and because I ve made a verry special deal. ;) Hoping to sell Lucky, Bukefalos and Betty or Scootaloo or Beatrix or Carmen. And hoping to find a perfect home for each one of them. It aint fun to sell ponies.