The Shetland ponie is the native ponie from the Shetland Islands in the north of Great Brittain. In previous times Shetland belongd to Norway so it is belived that the Shetland ponie has some ancestry from Norway mabe with the Lyngen horse.

In many ways the Shetlandponie is verry similar to the Lyngen horse in its hardynes and endurance and often verry big personality. The shetlandponie has a very strong boulding and can cary enormous weghts compared to its sice.

The original shetland came in all kinds of colours and sices. The use of ponies for coal mining prefferd the black standard sice ponies wich also dominate the breed today.

The shetlandponie is a nice and gentil horse with a lot of joy and togethernes to give to its owner. They are also the single best animal for taking care of the grazing land around the farm.

Breed discription.

The shetlandponies warry in sice and colours. They come in the range between 70 and 110 cm.
In Norway all colours are allowed exept spooted and cremello.
The ponies ar verry hardy and overfeeding is a big problem.